Liqueur and California Grappa

Creating premium

after-dinner wines

is not all we do


Fig’n Awesome Liqueur

Mahogany in appearance, Fig’n Awesome has the aroma of sweet apricot flowers. California figs are steeped in small batches in our neutral grape spirit, capturing a touch of sweetness from the fig juice before giving way to rich flavors of figs and apricots. The finish is smooth and wonderfully lingering.

Port Barrel-Aged Grappa

It has a clean floral aroma, subtle vanilla, and a warm lingering finish. When we make our port, we press it by foot. This gentle method is good for our ports because it ensures we don’t extract too many bitter tannins from the skins and seeds. Plus it’s great for our grappa because we are left with a pomace saturated with fresh, delicious port. The grappa is then finished by aging in a used port barrel. The port barrel adds a bit more complexity to the barrel-aged grappa and just a hint of sweetness.

Fig'N Awesome Fig Liqueur