Welcome to Sonoma Portworks

Sonoma County’s only winery specializing in port and after-dinner wines. Our tasting room and winery are tucked into the historic Foundry Wharf in Petaluma, California. We have been coaxing California grapes into elegant, well-balanced ports since 1994.

How we got started:

Our story began with DECO Port enhanced with essences of dark chocolate – the very first port marrying wine and dark chocolate. Sonoma Portworks quickly expanded to create the ARIS line of award-winning single vintage, single varietal ports made from sustainably grown grapes. We also make reserve tawny ports and other dessert wines. Our wines are hand (and foot) crafted into artisan, small batches. That’s right, we press our grapes with our feet (well…sanitized rubber boots)!

Our mission:

Our mission is to create balanced ports where the grapes demonstrate their fragrant aromas and delicious flavors.  We pride ourselves on providing our guests with a memorable tasting experience. We like to educate our customers about our port-making style. The making and aging of port require time, skill, and patience. Thankfully we have all three.

With sustainably-grown grapes purchased from family-owned vineyards, we create unique and delicious ports. Each vintage is a labor of love, the result of efforts by the dedicated team that also makes Sonoma Portworks unique.

As you look through our ‘port’-folio, you will see we have an extensive selection of other artisanal products. Our port-barrel-aged brandy and our fig-infused liqueur, to name a few. We also have our non-alcoholic food product line, Sonomic Almost Vinegar, which is like balsamic vinegar, only better. You’ve never tasted anything like this!

Book a tasting experience:

Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with ports and after-dinner wines, you should be sure to experience a tasting with us.  We strive to balance the wines so the grape shows its unique characteristics while we balance the alcohol and sweetness. After all, we are Sonoma County’s only winery specializing in port and after-dinner wines! Our tasting experiences are fun and educational, not to mention delicious. Our knowledgeable staff will describe each wine you taste. They will describe how it is made in detail. A tasting experience generally takes 45 minutes to an hour. Book your tasting experience HERE.

Port and Sherry
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