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Fig’n Awesome Liqueur

Mahogany in appearance, Fig’n Awesome has the aroma of sweet apricot flowers. California figs are steeped in small batches in our neutral grape spirit, capturing a touch of sweetness from the fig juice before giving way to rich flavors of figs and apricots. The finish is smooth and wonderfully lingering.

Port Barrel Reserve California Brandy – Currently Out of Stock

Enticing sweet aromas of vanilla and brown sugar invite you to taste this barrel-aged brandy. Subtle flavors of vanilla and cherry fill the front of the palate. A hint of ruby port and dates lead to a smooth and lingering finish.

This brandy was aged in French oak barrels for over six years before it rested in a freshly emptied port barrel for one month.

The subtle sweetness of port adds a little liveliness to this brandy and adds a pop of cherry to the flavor profile, which is truly wonderful.

Fig'N Awesome Fig Liqueur

Port Barrel Reserve California Brandy