Rose Port on a picnic table

Rosé Port of Tempranillo

The floral aromas of this port will make you smile. The flavors of strawberries with a slight hint of honey fill your mouth.  We found this port is delicious on its own, but adding a bit of citrus, such as a squeeze of lemon or orange, elevates it even more. An addition of a teeny splash of tonic gives this delightful port a hint of effervescence, turning it into a low-alcohol cocktail. Imagine sitting poolside, on the porch, or on your deck while sipping on this refreshing port.  Try it with your favorite blue cheese. This port is a new favorite!

This wine was made using cold fermentation. Yeast is added to kick-start fermentation and the temperature is kept between 54-58 degrees Fahrenheit through the entire fermentation process. Cold fermenting aids in retaining the aromas of the wine. Fermentation is ceased at our desired sugar measurement by adding a neutral grape-based high-proof alcohol.  We normally do not add yeast to our wines, but cold fermenting required it in order for the fermentation process to get started. During fermentation, the winery was filled with the aroma of strawberry blossoms. Thank your wine club manager, Gail Butler, for this wine. She came up with this idea and we sample the few rosé ports we could find on the market. Upon this research, we decided what style we wanted our port to taste like and went to work at making it happen. We also credit Mike Heringer from Heringer Vineyards for making this port become a reality since he suggested the tempranillo grape and had the equipment we were lacking to accomplish making this outstanding port. We have to say, we are thrilled with the outcome and excited about having this as an ongoing part of our portfolio.


Price: $24


The Details:

Alcohol: 18.5%
Residual sugar: 10.8%
Varietal: 100% tempranillo
Appellation: Clarksburg
Harvest date: October 31, 2021
Fortifying spirit: Neutral grape-based spirit
Bottling date: January 24, 2023
Case production: 540 cases

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